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2016 Extraordinary General Meeting

In the process towards a new IPO, Trifork has decided to strengthen the Board of Directors with one additional member (Jørn P. Jensen), who will be proposed as chairman of the Board. At the same time the Board of Directors asks for a mandate from the shareholders to start planning a reorganizing of the Trifork group to make this ready for an IPO. The Board of Directors also proposes a new international auditor for the Trifork Group.

Based on this Trifork will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to approve these decisions. The Extraordinary General Meeting is announced to take place on Monday, October 24, 2016. The meeting is to be hold at the company offices, Neuhofstrasse 8, 8834 Schindellegi, Switzerland.

Notice and Agenda

Description of new Board Member, Jørn P. Jensen

The Board of Directors proposes Jørn P. Jensen as new member and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Until end of 2015 Jørn was deputy CEO and Group CFO in Carlsberg. Currently Jørn is also member of the Board of Directors in Danske Bank, Vimpelcom Ltd. as well as he is a member of the Committee on Corporate Governance in Denmark.




Questions or requests in relation to the General Meeting must be submitted to CFO, Kristian Wulf-Andersen by email:

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