Investor Relations

Trifork attempts to give an accurate picture of our Business Operations through an open dialogue and contact with current and prospective shareholders and analysts.

The ambition is to give our shareholders the best possible insight by immediately communicating relevant information about the company’s strategy, business and financial results.

The web-page from Trifork is the most important information channels of investor relevant information. Here, all communication in regard to the Trifork shares is saved immediately after publication.

The company has a clear intention of having a minimum of 2 investor-meetings pro annum.

Despite the fact that Trifork currently is not listed on a public market – the company still follows the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagens recommendations of not participating in investor-meetings or to comment on the development of the company in a period of three weeks prior to the publication of financial statements.

Privacy Policy for Trifork Holding AG shareholders

Trifork Holding AG business no. CHE-474.101.854, Switzerland, processes personal data in connection with investors ownership of shares in Trifork Holding AG or subscription to our Investor news-letter.

As shareholder:

  1. This data includes name, address, e-mail and bank/deposit.
  2. The data is shared with trusted personnel in the Trifork Group, including Trifork A/S, Dyssen 1, 8200 Aarhus, who support the administration for Trifork Holding AG, the issuing bank Sydbank A/S, Peberlyk 4, 6200 Aabenraa and VP Investor Services A/S, Weidekampsgade 14, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark, as services provider of the electronic share register.

As recipient of news-letter

In general we do not share any shareholder data. If any data is shared this shall in any case be limited to legitimate interests as shareholder of Trifork Holding AG. Data will not be transferred outside the EEA.

Shareholder data is only stored for as long as Trifork are legally required to do so in order to fulfil the then current obligatory legislation e.g. tax and book keeping etc.

If there is any change in the information we hold or questions regarding your data as shareholder, please get in contact with us as detailed below.


The use of e-mail as means of communication with us is per definition not secure. We use best industry standards to keep our communication safe, but e-mail safety of today cannot be guaranteed. If you choose to communicate the said personal data in connection with share transactions you accept there is a risk in using communication via e-mail. If you do not accept the risk of communicating via e-mail then please use ordinary mail to the address stated below.

Data required to complete share transactions

Relevant information shared in a share transfer/purchase will be:

Please give the share depository account no. if you are buying shares.

The process to follow is then:

  1. Based on the above information a share note is created confirming the purchase/sale – which both you and Trifork Holding AG have to sign. The share note will be sent to you by e-mail unless you choose postal letter as means of communication.
  2. You will sign the share note first and return it to Mr. Chresten Plinius as listed below – The executive management of Trifork Holding AG will then sign the share note. The countersigned share note will be returned to you.
  3. You will transfer the signed share note to your own bank and instruct them to transfer the shares/purchase price to the Depositary/Account of Trifork Holding AG in Sydbank, Denmark.
  4. Once the shares/payment is registered in the depositary of Trifork or the purchase price is transferred to Trifork’s account in Sydbank. Cash or shares will be transferred to you from Sydbank. For each transaction (trade of shares) there will be an administration fee of DKK 500/EUR70 plus 0.1% of the transaction sum to cover the expenses at Sydbank and Swiss stamp duty tax.

Postal address

Trifork Holding AG
Neuhofstrasse 10
8834 Schindellegi
Att.: Group Finance

Contact e-mails:,,

Phone number: +4540114090