Corporate social responsibility

The report on corporate social responsibility for the Group covers the accounting period January 1 – December 31, 2019

Trifork has a business oriented approach to our corporate social responsibility, and thus, there is a big overlap between our values and associated actions.

Trifork’s core competence is based on highly competent and committed employees, combined with  the technological innovation of IT systems. In Trifork, CSR is included in the following  focus areas:

Attracting and developing competence

Trifork must attract and develop competencies in system development. Trifork must dare to show the way to new technologies and to give employees the framework required to obtain the unique and set itself at the center of knowledge. On the other hand, we have a high skill requirement for our employees, and wish to employee the absolute best, who can help retain the very high level of competence in the company.

Actions extending this policy amongst others include the following activity:
Trifork has created the conference concept GOTOCON.COM, which organizes conferences in Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Chicago. With the GOTO brand the conferences attract knowledge and best-practice from all over the world and thus increase the availability of both the right techniques and methods of implementing system development correctly and efficiently.

The result of this action is a steadily increasing number of visitors to the conferences and thereby added value for the software industry in the countries, where the conferences take place.

Trifork attracts and develops competence for the company by letting our own software pilots influence the conference program as well as teaching courses, which we offer to our customers and colleagues in the software industry. Trifork employees are very action-oriented and are therefore a big part of creating the innovation and development in the technological field, needed to ensure the magnetism for competence. Every year, the conferences amount to 4 days of concentrated education for our own employees, who have the opportunity of acquiring knowledge from a large proportion of the people and companies who have made a difference worldwide. Another specific action is our “Hackerdays”, where innovation and passion run free.
The results of that action is shown and implemented in employee satisfaction surveys, which score high in commitment, as well as ongoing flow of new product ideas for further processing.

Making a difference

Trifork must contribute to improve the life quality in the world. In our business areas, Trifork must contribute with actions, which create simplicity and the additional reduction in the unnecessary use of the resources. Since the founding of Trifork in 1996, the communication of experience and knowledge about software development has been the epitome of the business and has in this way influenced the world around us in a positive manner. Actions in extension of this policy is the following activities:

Trifork contributes with innovation and commitment to national solutions for the health care sector, which are designed to improve work conditions for the clinician, in order to reduce the number of medical errors and thereby the financial burden placed on society. The Shared medical chart and the Vaccination Register are two national health care solutions, which are the result of the actions of this policy.
Likewise, Trifork has focused on the development of the mobile workplace of the clinician, which, with the use of situation specific IT, creates an environment for home-care, nurses or the doctor, which ensures a better treatment of the citizen.
Trifork has initiated several measures which are intended to increase the use of the mobile platform for both ordinary people and the industry this is to reduce the number of power-consuming computers. Industrially, the power reduction lies in the fact that the mobile phone can be used as an alternative to control panels and thus render demanding control electronics superfluous.
It’s our believe that the increased availability of mobile solutions will disconnect services from locations and allow people to access services or work remotely and minimize their carbon footprint.
We are investing in developing Smart Building and Smart Factory technologies to improve workspaces and to optimize energy consumption. We use these technologies ourselves and cooperate with industry partners to bring new solutions to the market.

The results are, that we, for instance, have helped several Danish banks to move hundreds of thousands of transactions from the computer to the mobile phone, thereby saving power and making life easier for a lot of people.

Committed employees

The employees are the most important resource in Trifork, and thus, they are the pivotal point of our CSR activities. The average age in 2019 was 37.0 years compared to 34.2 years in 2018. The diversity of gender is divided between 78.6% men and 21.4% women.
Trifork must be a workplace with committed employees, executives, customers and suppliers.

Actions extending this policy amongst others include the following activity:

Based on the scrum methodology, Trifork implements agility in largely all work processes. The method is built upon the fact that the employees are working in self-organizing teams, responsible for the organization and implementation of their own tasks. In this way, the employees are guaranteed important influence on their own tasks and have close contact with the sponsor of the task in question.

This method of development is also based on the fact that the tasks are broken down into smaller and more manageable elements, which in turn are solved and implemented in intensive work-flows. The intensity of the method puts a natural limitation on the extension of the periods in which the employees can solve these assignments with high quality and without errors. Limiting the extension of the periods helps to avoid stress and burnout. Moreover, the company has implemented a stress response, using stress coaches, who can step in immediately and support the individual employee who may experience problems.

In 2019, the employee’s weekly average work time was 38.4 hours. The average sick leave was 3,4%, which was 0.9%-point higher than in 2018.
The success of Trifork is dependent on committed and action-oriented employees who can create best value for our customers. Both management and employees in Trifork are responsible for contributing to a constructive dialogue about the passion for work. Management development, reviews, mentoring, “hackerdays” and Geek-Nights are all initiatives to safeguard a high score on Trifork commitment.

The action is measured on the commitment in the ongoing employee surveys, where the latest showed a very satisfactory result. There is a continuous focus on working on activities in several areas which helps to maintain the good results. Thus, we can improve conditions for Trifork employees and thereby retain and develop satisfied, motivated and committed employees.

Distribution of Gender

Trifork has the policy that the distribution of gender in the Board of Directors should reflect the rest of the company and secure that the company at the top-level receives input into business development from both genders.

Based on this Trifork has a target that at least one third of the Board of Directors should be women. This target was not achieved in 2019 as all five board members were men.

The policy for other managers is that management in general should reflect the diversity of gender in each type of business unit. In Academy the target is to have 50% of women in management. Currently 75% are women. In Services and Product which are very dominated by men there is no specific target but also no restrictions. Currently 13.5% of managers are women. In the administration unit the target is to have 50% women. Currently 75% are women.

Human rights and Democracy

The policy of Trifork is that we wish to support and respect the protection of the internationally proclaimed human rights and to support the development of democracies within the company’s sphere of influence. This to ensure that the company does not participate in any violations of human rights or in damaging any democracies.

When hiring employees and when establishing offices in new countries Trifork makes sure that all legislations are met and that all employees becomes part of the “Trifork family”. Trifork does not treat any employee differently based on their nationality, gender or DNA. On our conferences we focus on being open-minded and treat all groups of people with respect.
Trifork only wants to work with partners and customers that also respect international human rights.

Neither Trifork nor to our knowledge any of our customers and partners have been involved in any cases or areas where it could be questioned whether there had been any human rights violations.

The result of this action is measured by the diversity of employees in Trifork and the fact that whether Trifork treats employees and participants on our conferences respectfully has never been questioned. Trifork is involved in several activities supporting the defending of existing and the growth of new democracies.