Share price and trading

Trifork calculations of “treasury share price” and purchase of treasury shares

In general Trifork offer to purchase treasury shares from existing shareholders to a calculated “treasury share price”  based on the development and results of the Trifork Group. The “treasury share price” is based on a “treasury share price model” that Trifork developed when de-listing the company from the stock exchange in 2014 and represents a price that Trifork will be willing to offer existing investors in relation to purchase of treasury shares.

The price is calculated in connection with the release of the half year and full year financial reports as well as after quarterly announcements.

Shareholders that wish to sell shares are able to contact Trifork by e-mail to Necessary information will be: Full name and address of shareholder, amount of shares to sell, Bank name and Account number (IBAN and SWIFT). For each transaction (trade of shares) there will be an administration fee of DKK 500 plus 0.1% to cover the expenses at Sydbank and share stamp tax in relation to the transaction.

Trifork will handle each request for sale of shares separately and reserves at all times the right to reduce the number of shares to purchase or to refuse to purchase shares.

Current “treasury share price”

Trifork currently do not offer to buy or sell shares.