Trifork, an international provider of innovative software solutions and technology consulting is happy to announce a new strategic partnership with Neo Technology – the creator of the world’s leading graph database that enables organizations to unlock the business value of connections and relationships in data.

“Our collaboration and partnership with Neo Technology started some years back when Neo Technology became a key sponsor of the GOTO Conferences, and was successfully continued to other events – the NoSQL Search Roadshows and the GraphConnect Conferences hosted by Neo Technology. The
collaboration has always been fruitful.” said Line Christa Amanda Sørensen, Trifork COO. “Graph databases and graph approaches to business challenges have great potential in a connected world. Trifork and Neo Technology are now looking forward to a closer partnership advising Fortune 500 companies how to extract value from the connected data already present in their businesses.” – added Jørn Larsen, Trifork CEO.

Since 2012 Trifork is offering a wide range of NoSQL related services starting from proof of concept, technology analysis and architecture review through data modeling, implementation projects, training’s, and workshops. In 2015 more activities such as strategy and tech talks for business leaders are planned, so that the graph potential can be unlocked – also from a revenue and strategic perspective.

“As a result of this partnership we will be able to hit the increasing demands of enterprises more expeditiously. Organizations large and small are adopting graphs across every industry, and an increasing number of use cases in their ongoing quest for competitive advantage. Think real-time recommendations that combine historical with current behavior, fraud detection with access to social data, supply chain management that includes real-time route information, and MDM that visualizes the different channels customers use to communicate. Trifork’s experience as one of the first mover in advising on and implementing solutions within the NoSQL space, brings to this partnership significant technical and business experience.” – summarized Emil Eifrem, CEO Neo Technology.

Neo4j – The World’s Leading Graph Database
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For more information on the partnership between Trifork and Neo Technology, please contact: Line Christa Amanda Sørensen ,COO, Trifork ,E-mail: