Group Information

Trifork was founded in 1996 by the Trifork’s current CEO Jørn Larsen. The company was based on a vision of being a dynamo in innovative software development and deployment of business critical software projects for national and international companies. And – still – this is our goal.

Examples include Java technology, where Trifork in 1996, was the first to introduce Java and object-oriented development in Denmark. Trifork has expanded and transformed the deep Javaexpert knowledge into innovative products. Today, Java is one of the most used technologies for the development of business critical IT solutions. In Denmark alone more than 1,000 businesses use Java technology.

Another example is the development of the first EPR (Electronic Patient Record) systems in Java in 1999, where Trifork pioneered with former Ribe County.

Until 2006, Trifork has operated a business under the company names: Eastfork Object SpaceA/S, and its subsidiary Trifork Technologies A/S. In March 2007, the parent Eastfork Object Space A/S name was changed to Trifork A/S, and the three subsidiaries were renamed in accordance with the Trifork brand.

In 2007, Trifork A/S acquired  Delta Software A/S and Interprise Consulting A/S, a Microsoft Certified consultancy. The purchase of Delta primarily aimed to strengthen Trifork’s position in the financial sector. Delta’s other activities were complementary in the performance business and focus area of “public sector”. The acquisition of Interprise Consultion was part of Trifork’s acquisition strategy which ensures that Trifork operates as a one-stop provider for Microsoft and Java applications.

In the conference area, Trifork is internationally known for the annual GOTO and QCon software conferences.

Since 1996, Trifork has operated the GOTO Conference concept. It began in Aarhus as JAOO.  In 2010 JAOO was rebranded to GOTO and now Trifork organizes GOTO Conferences in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Chicago.