Trifork Segment

Trifork is a provider of next-generation IT services. We help corporates and the public sector understand how new technologies can improve their processes. We build, maintain, operate, and protect customized software solutions so that our customers can focus on their core competencies.

The software industry is characterized by rapid change. Hence, Trifork always needs to be at the forefront of innovation to stay relevant for our customers. Our culture is deeply rooted in curiosity about new technologies. It means that we can attract highly skilled people, which in turn ensures competitive strength.

Trifork Group is organized into two segments: Trifork Segment and Trifork Labs. In Trifork Segment, we deploy customized software solutions within our customers’ existing IT architecture. In most cases, the intellectual property is transferred to the customer after implementation.

Go-to-market model

Trifork’s go-to-market model is based on the three sub-segments, Inspire, Build, and Run, which we consider to be the three phases of our relationship with each customer. The go-to-market model is designed to ensure that our customers are at the center of all activities carried out by Trifork, and that Trifork maintains a strong customer relationship throughout the software development journey. This go-to-market model is vital to Trifork’s success as it enables us to be close to and drive innovation.

Inspire: We discover technology, new ideas, and trends and share knowledge about them and inspire customers through Design Thinking workshops. We have more than 63 million views of our software development videos filmed at our own developer conferences.

Build: We create prototypes of customer products and develop the software.

Run: We provide cloud operations, cyber protection and other managed services, and continuous development support for the customer products we develop.

Business areas

Trifork delivers its services across six business areas.

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