Investor portal

In the investor portal, all shareholders can sign up for general meetings and other investor-related events. Additionally, shareholders will always get an updated list of all registered shareholdings at Trifork.

Trifork encourages all shareholders to update their profile on the Investor Portal with their current e-mail addresses so that the company can send important information directly to all shareholders.

Reclaiming withholding tax on dividend: On 25 April 2022, Trifork Holding AG distributed the dividend as approved by the AGM on 20 April 2022, net of 35% Swiss withholding tax. Shareholders in countries outside of Switzerland may be eligible to reclaim the withholding tax based on a respective bilateral tax treaty. For further information, please refer to the instructions provided by the Swiss Federal Tax Authority (Link).
(You can fill out the declaration forms online with Snapform Viewer, which can be downloaded free of charge)