Company announcement no. 16 / 2022
Schindellegi, Switzerland – 12 December 2022

Supplementary Information to the Annual Report 2021

With reference to company announcement no. 3/2022 dated 16 March 2022 as published by Trifork Holding AG (Swiss company registration number CHE-474.101.854) (“Trifork” or the “Company”) regarding the publication of the annual report for the financial year 2021, Trifork following dialogue with the Danish Business Authority today announces the publication of certain supplementary information relating to the Annual Report 2021.

The supplementary information consists of a set of audited parent financial statements for 2021 prepared in accordance with IFRS as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”) and additional requirements according to the Danish Financial Statements Act as well as a management review and management statement in respect of such. The supplementary information has been prepared and published in addition to the audited parent financial statements prepared in accordance with the Swiss Financial Statements Act and included in the Annual Report 2021 published 16 March 2022.

As the supplementary information relates to the parent company financial statements of Trifork Holding AG and no significant differences in recognition and measurement compared to the already published statutory parent financial statements for 2021 prepared in accordance with the Swiss Financial Statements Act, no new material information is provided. Further, no changes are made to Trifork group consolidated financial statements for the year 2021 and managements review thereof.

The supplementary information is available on

For further information, please contact:

Kristian Dollerup, Head of Investor Relations, +41 76 561 1256

Peter Rørsgaard, Trifork CMO, +45 2042 2494

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