Cyber Protection

The Cyber Protection Market

The Cyber Protection market consists of the organizations’ spending on software and service solutions that prevent or limit malicious cyber threats imposed by criminal organizations, among other bad actors. IT security remains a top priority for organizations and is gradually perceived as a business enabler that creates the foundation for trust in a digital economy. Typical offerings within the market include managed security services that accommodate skill shortage in organizations, secure log collection, and general consulting with organizations on their security strategies. The Cyber Protection market within the core geographies is expected to grow, driven by an increasing threat level in combination with a skill shortage within organizations.

For organizations, cyber security is no longer about only protecting the integrity of systems infrastructure and applications, but extends to protecting the organization from loss of data residing on numerous devices, in different clouds and even on premises. Despite measures being taken to prevent cyber attacks, security breaches do happen and being able to identify, analyze and remedy breaches is at least as important as minimizing the risk of a breach. The growing cost of security breaches combined with the increased sophistication of attacks and continuous expansion of threat vectors has resulted in a skill and resource shortage in many organizations, which drives the Cyber Protection market towards outside service providers. Trifork has broad expertise within this field, and has among other customers, assisted a Danish organization with a security gap analysis. The analysis identified areas of improvement from a security perspective that was turned into an investment plan with initiatives and technologies that could resolve the security fragilities. Trifork then assisted with the implementation of the investment plan.

Our Cyber Protection Business

We seek to ensure that customer data is accessible, confidential, reliable and secured, while minimizing the risk of security breaches. Specifically, we seek to bridge the gap between governance and technology, ensuring that our customers are in control of their data. 

Within the Cyber Protection business area, we target both public and private customers. Our offering ranges from initial security consultancy, log management, big data analytics, secure system and infrastructure design to full scale Security Operation Centers (SOC). 

We operate a 24/7 staffed and operational SOC to provide security-as-a-service. Our ability to capture and decode high-speed data traffic, handle big data, and implement machine learning is a key differentiator for us within the cyber security market.

In recent years, we have moved up the value chain, moving away from acting as a component supplier delivering one-off solutions to becoming a full-service security provider. This allows us to target all sectors within the Cyber Protection business area.

Due to the nature of the solutions we offer, it is required that we maintain a high degree of confidentiality with respect to the identity of our customers and their operational needs.

Strategic Priorities