Cyber Protection

The Cyber Protection Market

The digital landscape has become a battleground, with criminal groups, nation-states, and lone actors all exploiting the interconnectedness of our world. Public and private entities alike face a relentless barrage of cyberattacks, targeting everything from sensitive data to critical infrastructure. These threats have escalated geopolitical tensions, rocked companies with high-profile breaches, and awakened even the most complacent leadership to the urgency of cybersecurity.

Fueling this urgency is the escalating cost of cybercrime. As our reliance on technology deepens, McKinsey estimates that cyberattacks could inflict USD 10.5 trillion in annual damage by 2025 – a 300% increase from 2015. For organizations, security is no longer a peripheral concern; it is a license to operate. A single breach can shatter reputations, erode customer trust, and inflict lasting financial wounds.

The sophistication of attacks grows alongside the attack surface, while skilled cybersecurity professionals remain scarce. This shortage creates a crucial gap that pushes organizations towards external service providers. By partnering with experts, businesses can gain the expertise, resources, and constant vigilance needed to navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our Cyber Protection Business

In 2023, Trifork’s cyber protection business revenue declined by 17.4% to EURm 12.9. The decline was partly explained by internal reorganization to improve our sales and delivery model to customers, but also partly explained by extraordinarily large license sales in 2022, which is volatile.

Trifork now has three business units jointly offering a unique range of consulting services and end-to-end capabilities before, during, and after a cyber attack.

Trifork stands as a cybersecurity sentinel for diverse industries, including critical infrastructure, commerce, finance, publishing, education, insurance, defense, and more. We empower organizations to harness the power of technology while mitigating the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.
Our comprehensive approach ensures that our customers’ data remains accessible, confidential, reliable, and secure. We leverage our expertise to:

  • Identify: Understand the business from a cyber- and information security perspective, identifying critical services and assets.
  • Protect: Implement measures to minimize the impact of potential cyberattacks.
  • Detect: Proactively detect security incidents using appropriate monitoring and detection tools.
  • Respond: Respond swiftly to identified threats, containing damage and business impact.
  • Recover: Fostering resiliency, ensuring plans are in place to recover systems and services after an attack.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): Establish clear leadership and structures for managing cyber risks and ensuring compliance with regulations.

We go beyond reactive solutions, offering:

  • Continuous improvement: We continuously analyze security and operational data to provide actionable insights and visualize potential service disruptions. ƒ
  • Tailored intelligence: Gain a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats specific to the industry and operational environment.
  • Comprehensive solutions: We provide access to leading hardware and third-party licenses, streamlining the cybersecurity journey.

All in all, organizations partner with Trifork to navigate the complex digital landscape with confidence, knowing their data and infrastructure are secure and compliant.