Digital Health

The Digital Health Market

Healthcare needs are growing across societies due to the demographic development, especially in the Western economies, where our business focus is. An ageing population with more chronic diseases is driving up the demand for healthcare services and medical products. The increase in demand collides with a temporarily restricted supply of qualified labour. This results in an accelerating demand for further digitalization with tech-solutions to enhance efficiency and streamline processes. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for fast response and efficiency due to an increased number of patients at the same time as workforce shortages due to quarantine restrictions and illness.

The digital health market is increasingly embracing digital transformation. We are seeing a trend towards more solutions being launched in the regulated space, i.e., companies launching CE-market Apps for patients or Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) to assist professionals in their decision making. Furthermore, we see artificial intelligence (AI) for medical purposes, telemedicine (the remote handling of patients) and Patient Reported Outcome (PRO), all adding to the efficiency and safety in healthcare.


Our Digital Health Business

At Trifork, we are committed to improving the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. We do this by building the soft- ware solutions needed to enable digital health ecosystems, national healthcare IT infrastructures and technology-enabled decision support systems. Our digital health teams are well positioned with a deep know-how in interoperability, international standardization and a range of sector-specific insights in treatment and medical areas.

In 2021, we advanced our focus on tele-medicine and shared care solutions, enabling doctors and patients to continue holding online consultations through the lockdown periods. We have initiated the development and delivery of additional telemedicine solutions, starting with COPD (lung disease). With this platform, we are shaping the potential to support other disease areas in the future.

In 2021, we also developed the core system of the Covid-19 passport for the Danish Health Data Authority. This included the handling of personal data, security, vaccinations, test results, signing with QR codes and NemID login. The system was launched as the first Covid-19 passport in Europe.

In Switzerland, Trifork developed and launched a sign-up solution for pharmacies, allowing patients to give their consent to collect and store their medical information in the EPD (Elektronisches Patienten Dossier). This was the starting point for a Swiss national infrastructure, which over time is envisioned to enable the sharing of medical data across healthcare institutions.

Trifork Labs invested in Visikon, a digital health startup that empowers patients, relatives, community workers and other stakeholders to understand and actively collaborate on patient treatment from start to finish. Together with Visikon, Trifork can support the entire healthcare journey with easy-to-understand communication via animated videos, direct access to relevant healthcare data and close integration between different healthcare systems. With our international footprint and network, Trifork can internationalize this product and bring scalability to patient journeys by distributing these across markets.

As part of the European Consortium and the 5-year research project – Gravitate Health – we delivered the first prototype. The aim of the project is to make information about medicine more accessible and understandable to patients across the European countries and thereby leading to better patient outcomes.

Strategic Priorities

  • Grow Digital Health revenue with particular focus on interoperability and application of new technologies
  • Expand Digital Health business in the DACH region, starting with the launch of a new Business Unit in Switzerland
  • Internationalize existing solutions for opti- mized patient journeys and collaboration enablement. Particular focus on Private Hospitals & GPs
  • Establish new business areas for shared care, hospitalized children and assisted living