Digital Health

The Digital Health Market

In Western economies, the growing challenge of an aging population and a rise in chronic diseases is pushing healthcare costs up and increasing the demand for innovative medical services and products.

This expanding demand is met with a critical shortage of skilled healthcare workers, underscoring the urgency for innovative, efficient solutions.

Digitalization stands as a cornerstone for enhancing healthcare delivery, although
it faces challenges like fragmented and decentralized systems that hinder the seamless flow of information between patients and healthcare professionals, and also between sectors.

The healthcare sector is shifting towards more digital solutions, such as CE-marked apps for patients and Software-as- Medical-Device (SaMD), which strengthen healthcare professionals’ decision-making capabilities.

The integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, and patient-reported outcomes is critical, marking a shift towards more efficient and patient-focused healthcare solutions.

Our Digital Health Business

Trifork’s mission is to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals through our deep expertise in digital health. This includes interoperability, adherence to international standards, and specialized knowledge in treatment and medical domains.

The revenue in Trifork Digital Health grew 29.0% to EURm 25.0 in 2023. The year marked our international expansion, strengthening of our teams, and enhancement of our portfolio through partnerships, notably with Bluespace Ventures in Switzerland. Trifork Labs’ investment in the business in 2023 and signifies our deep commitment to the Swiss digital health landscape.

Our achievement of the ISO 13485 certification is a testament to our capability to deliver regulated digital health solutions. Our focus on telemedicine and shared care solutions has enabled seamless online consultations between doctors and patients.

The rapid evolution of AI in healthcare underscores the importance of leveraging its potential to improve care delivery. Trifork is at the forefront of this movement, engaging in various AI initiatives, including collaborations with public organizations to develop ML platforms for compliant, research-based clinical solutions.

Data-driven solutions are critical for improving treatment, ensuring effective diagnosis, increasing preventive measures, and prioritizing care efficiently. However, the deployment of data and technology must be well thought-out to prevent further strain on the healthcare system, which, as mentioned, is already facing numerous challenges.

This underlines the importance of our collaboration with our customers and with healthcare professionals, ensuring that our technological advancements support rather than complicate the healthcare landscape. Our collaboration is key to making technology a seamless part of healthcare, enhancing patient care without adding unnecessary burdens.

Our approach to digital health is collaborative, involving five Trifork business units and additional Trifork Group subsidiaries.

As we continue our journey in digital health, our focus remains on transformative healthcare solutions, underpinned by innovation, collaboration, and the responsible use of technology. Our case story in the annual report exemplifies the work that we do across the ecosystem. Many more digital health customer cases can be found on