Smart Enterprise

The Smart Enterprise Market

The Smart Enterprise market comprises of the organizations’ IT and services spending on Smart Enterprise software, which includes mobility and AI solutions. Organizations invest in enterprise software to optimize, streamline and automate business processes that have been managed across multiple isolated systems in the past or even by pen and paper. In addition, the Smart Enterprise market extends to the demand for transformation of ERP systems and other processes into user-friendly solutions.

Trifork has broad experience within this market and has, for instance, assisted Banedanmark (who are responsible for the maintenance and traffic control of the Danish railway network) in developing a digital tool for their field workers and administrative personnel, where paper-based processes were replaced by iPads, GPS, Siri and automatic validation of data. The market for Smart Enterprise solutions is expected to grow with the highest ratios in Switzerland. 

Growth in the Smart Enterprise market is expected to be driven primarily by expanding use cases for enterprise systems, in addition to the introduction of new technologies for which optimal use may require external IT services. The expansion in use cases is driven in turn by an increasing ability and motivation to create enterprise systems that are fully mobile. As blue-collar and field workers do not typically have permanent access to computers, mobile applications are increasingly used to reach and interact with this key part of the work force, and the industries employing such workers are thus becoming part of the addressable market. 

In addition, the use cases for enterprise systems are expanded as employees have started working from home more frequently. As access to high-speed data at home is becoming more common, the physical boundaries of the workplace have blurred, which is a trend that has been accelerated by the Covid-19 outbreak. Consequently, more users now require application access from home, and systems must accommodate remote access going forward. 

Rapid technological development in recent years is another significant driver of growth in the Smart Enterprise market. The market has seen advances in the use of artificial intelligence, and many systems are now available using cloud technology. However, utilizing such services can be very complex and requires skills that most organizations do not have internally, thus increasing the demand for third party services, not only for the development of such systems, but for their ongoing operation and maintenance too.

Our Smart Enterprise Business

In the Smart Enterprise business area, we seek to facilitate revolutionary user experiences for our customers through user-centric solutions, most often developed through Trifork’s re-seller relationships/strategic partnerships with SAP and Apple. 

Smart enterprise software can permit organizations to gain competitive advantages, for example, by allowing enterprise process optimization. Within the Smart Enterprise business area, we help our customers implement new technologies and mobilize standard ERP systems, fostering improved workflows and user experiences. Our teams help customers throughout the entire process from design to development, and from implementation to operations, by leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to deliver and support digitalized enterprise. 

Furthermore, we are one of six companies in the world that Apple has selected to support its focus on “fast start” apps to the enterprise segment. 

Strategic Priorities