Smart Enterprise

The Smart Enterprise Market

The Smart Enterprise market encompasses IT and services spending by private and public organizations on enterprise software, including mobility and AI solutions.

2023 started with a continued focus on cost savings and efficiency from the market due to the economic environment. However, demand remained relatively stable from organizations investing in enterprise software to optimize, streamline, and automate business processes.

We see good growth potential in enterprise mobility and spatial headset computers as ERP systems transform to the cloud – allowing for the implementation of new solutions where data can be consumed in real time from all corners of the organization.

According to one of our global partners, only around 15-20% of large enterprises have adopted mobility in their core business processes. This leaves a large untapped potential to help organizations utilize the many benefits of mobile apps, by creating simple user-friendly solutions that remove complexity and empower users, and typically with a very fast ROI.

Furthermore, we are met with a strong demand for scalable concepts where software vendors take full responsibility for the developed applications, including security and continuous enhancements.

Our Smart Enterprise Business

In 2023, our Smart Enterprise business continued to focus on industry leaders and large public organizations in a broad spectrum of sectors including discrete manufacturing, transport, energy, logistics and warehousing, FMCG and retail, and aviation.

While customers’ decision cycles took longer in 2023 than in previous years, we invested in Smart Enterprise business development and overall ended the year with satisfactory growth given the market circumstances.

We delivered on public sector tenders, working with customers such as Andel, The National Agency for IT and Learning, The Danish Road Traffic Authority, and Energinet – to mention a few. In 2023, revenue in the Smart Enterprise business area grew by 13.9% to EURm 96.1.

Our Trifork Labs company, Arkyn, completed a successful proof-of-concept of their work order processing app on top
of SAP for a large customer within the German automotive industry. Based on the positive feedback from users, the customer decided to roll out the solution in their organization. With several large European brand names in its customer portfolio, Arkyn has begun its expansion to the US market.

We are focusing on strengthening our partnership with SAP even further and creating a meaningful impact with and for our SAP customers. We aim to become the leading SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and innovation partner in Denmark.

Our approach to building enterprise solutions is grounded in the value of design thinking and user-centricity, which is essential in today’s business landscape where employee expectations are rising amidst a shortage of qualified personnel. By implementing our proven design thinking methodologies with our customers, we ensure the development of effective solutions that promote high adoption rates, employee satisfaction, and retention. This approach is encapsulated in the work we did with TV4 in Sweden and the Danish Ministry of Defence (read more on pages 40-41 in the annual report).

In 2023, we also engaged in and hosted several events and workshops on SAP BTP, S4/HANA migration, AI, Design Thinking, Adoption Management, and more, as well as progressed in projects and collaboration with Energinet, Vestas, and SAP AppHaus,

to name a few of our esteemed customers and partners.

These strategic activities underscore Trifork’s commitment to delivering timeless, next-gen enterprise solutions and cementing enduring partnerships with our customers.