Smart Enterprise

The Smart Enterprise Market

The Smart Enterprise market covers private and public organizations’ IT and services spending on enterprise software, which also includes mobility and AI solutions.

Typically, organizations invest in enterprise software with the aim of optimizing, streamlining and automating business processes. We see a growing demand for integration of ERP and isolated systems in the market. This primarily with the aim to transform these into simple user-friendly solutions by removing the underlying complexity and system fragmentation for the users.

Growth in the Smart Enterprise market is driven by a continuous need for digitalization and a growing number of options to implement new use cases for enterprise systems, as data is moved to the cloud and new technologies are introduced. Particularly, the demand for external IT services has increased as most in-house IT departments neither have the capacity for nor the experience with the new technologies.

As part of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing an increase in remote working, triggering the need for modern and secure architectures that enable users to seamlessly access their companies’ applications from home.

Our Smart Enterprise Business

Our Smart Enterprise customers are typically the leaders in their industries and/ or large public sector organizations in a broad spectrum of sectors. This includes discrete manufacturing, travel and transport, logistics and warehousing as well as retail and FMCG.

In 2021, we added Vilea to the Trifork Group. Vilea is a Swiss and Austrian based IT-firm that specializes in design- ing and delivering tailor-made mobile enterprise applications for large Swiss enterprise customers. With Vilea’s excellent team of developers, we were able to strengthen our local position and expand our scope of activity in Switzerland and central Europe with the new offices in Zurich and Vienna. Another noteworthy activity is the further expansion of our Business Unit in Barcelona, where we were able to further grow the team with competent colleagues, benefiting our network of units across Europe.

In 2021, we helped an international branded consumer goods company by developing and integrating a new modern drop shipment solution that optimized the deployment of goods, reduced delivery times and helped reduce logistics costs. We also developed an in-flight catering app for a leading airline group, enabling flight personnel to offer better service to airline passengers by using an iPad.

In the public sector, we completed a large compensation management project for the Danish Parliament and initiated a multi-year project for the Danish Justice Ministry. This is an area where we see interesting opportunities in the future.

In addition, we helped Banedanmark develop a suite of digital tools for their field workers and administrative staff, further replacing paper-based processes. Banedanmark is responsible for the maintenance and traffic control of the Danish railway network.

In 2021, we have also seen successful engagements with our Trifork Labs company Arkyn Studios. They focus on standard enterprise apps to amend SAP systems (SAP-Apple Fast Start program). The combination of our competencies and standard products enabled us to win tenders based on a highly attractive value proposition.

Strategic Priorities

  • Growth through acquisitions, primarily in the DACH region, the Netherlands and the UK
  • Growth based on our core competencies through the creation of new business units
  • Increase the revenue share of both ‘Inspire’ and ‘Run’ business by developing our offer- ing within DesignLabs and Operations, and offering these in new geographies
  • Develop relevant products for existing cus- tomers by leveraging partnerships
  • Strive to be a “great place to work” to be able to attract talents to support our organic growth