Cloud Operations

The Cloud Operations Market

The Cloud Operations market comprises of the companies’ spending on both public and private cloud initiatives. Cloud is becoming the standard deployment model for both applications and infrastructure across Europe, to bring greater flexibility and efficiency to organizations’ IT infrastructure.

This development is exemplified by the European Commission’s Digital Strategy, which sets a vision for a digitally transformed, user-focused and data-driven administration by 2022, in which cloud computing serves as a key enabler. Besides attending to its own strategic ambitions, the European Commission has actively promoted cloud computing to organizations and public administrations since the first European Cloud Computing Strategy in 2012. 

The Cloud Operations market is heavily influenced by developments in the public cloud market, which is associated with three main vendors. However, as recent EU privacy regulations have been pushing more companies to private cloud environments, the significance of the private cloud as a driver in the market has increased. At the same time, the requirements for the technical capabilities of IT service providers and the products they deliver have increased. To cope with the changing regulatory landscape and the demand for solutions that are flexible and capable of being migrated from local storage to private or public cloud and vice versa, we have turned to developing solutions that are agnostic between cloud environments. We have also developed new applications that are cloud-native, even if they are to be implemented locally in the first instance, allowing for a potential move to cloud-based infrastructure in the future.

As more companies bring solutions into the cloud, the need for cloud services grows. Such services typically entail integration with a patchwork of existing applications and systems, while legacy applications need to be cloud enabled. Development of new cloud applications exceeds the capabilities of most in-house IT departments, and with the introduction of multiple cloud environments, the need for external IT services has increased.

Our Cloud Operations Business

Our ambition in the Cloud Operations business area is to improve the everyday lives of developers in our customers’ organizations by advising, educating, designing, implementing, and running cloud-based solutions that suit each individual organization. We have a pragmatic approach to cloud technology, and our product offering spans from data storage on-premises to multi- and hybrid cloud solutions as well as public cloud solutions (where we work with all of the major global public cloud platforms: Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (Google Cloud Platform). 

Our products are typically developed so as to be agnostic between public and private clouds, which ensures a high degree of flexibility for our customers. Our services range from advising and designing infrastructure solutions, to implementing and maintaining complete cloud-based solutions. 

We assist our customers’ decision-making on the most appropriate cloud solutions, balancing innovation while minimizing total cost. As a result of our experience with Google Cloud, we have established a close working relationship with Google. 

Strategic Priorities