Cloud Operations

The Cloud Operations Market

The Cloud Operations market is increasingly important for Trifork and its customers. Cloud continues to increase its importance as a ‘deployment model’ for both applications and infrastructure across our markets. This gives developers greater flexibility and efficiency in DEVOPS and better accessibility to users when using their organizations’ IT infrastructure.

The Cloud Operations market is heavily influenced by the three main ‘Hyperscalers’ that set the standard for many of the services and price levels in the market. However, we begin to see the effects of EU privacy regulation and companies’ increasing attentiveness to privacy and control over their own applications and data. We expect this will cause the private cloud model to grow additionally in the market. At the same time, the requirements for the technical capabilities of IT service providers and the products they deliver have increased. To cope with the increasing number of business-critical applications and changing regulatory landscape, the demand for solutions that are secure, flexible and capable of being migrated from local storage to private or public cloud and vice versa is increasing. Development of new cloud applications exceeds the capabilities of most in-house IT departments and with the introduction of multiple cloud environments, there is an increased need for external IT services.

Our Cloud Operations Business

Our ambition in Cloud Operations remains to improve the everyday lives of developers in our customers’ organizations by advising, educating, designing, implementing, and running cloud-based solutions that suit each individual organization.

Our product offering spans from data storage on-premises to multi- and hybrid cloud solutions as well as public cloud solutions, where we work with all the major global public cloud platforms: Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (Google Cloud Platform).

At Trifork, we most often develop solutions that are agnostic between cloud environments, ensuring a high degree of flexibility for our customers. Our services range from advising and designing infra- structure solutions to implementing and maintaining complete cloud-based solutions. Recently, we have introduced new products and services which enable us to add an additional layer of observability and other services that make DEVOPS faster, easier and based on standards that allow us to offer our clients better operation services in both the private and public cloud.

In 2021, based on our strong presence in the Nordics, we took an important step forward to expand our Cloud Operations globally, in particular through the founding of Trifork Operations AG in Switzerland and the establishment of a Tier 4 datacenter.

In 2021, we observed a tendency towards larger mandates caused by increased customer size and more comprehensive solutions offered. We transferred all operations from SOS International from their own data centers and IT department to our Netic datacenter and introduced an additional security layer from Trifork Security. The scope of work has further evolved after the transfer and currently engages multiple Trifork Business units
in cloud operations and cyber security.

In the same year, a leading home design and furniture retailer from Denmark renewed its five-year operations contract on an even broader scope. In addition, Trifork signed an operations contract with Vestas, the global leader in wind turbines for clean energy solutions.

Trifork also invested in a new datacenter in Denmark to meet the growing demand from new customers. We plan to build further capacities over the next few years in order become an even more relevant partner to our customers and to accelerate the conversion from a Build to Run based business.

Strategic Priorities

  • Develop new services & products to offer solutions, that ensure reliable and secure operations in the private, public and hybrid cloud
  • Expand internationally and scale our ser- vices to other Trifork markets
  • Continue the investments in future assets like datacenters, infrastructure, products and services
  • Drive automation and ease of doing business with us and provide best in class DEVOPS
  • Be ”best place to work” to enable recruiting and retaining the best employees